Rashtriya Mulnivasi Sangh - Ideology and Objective

1. Mulnivasis are double slaves:
In India, Brahmins had freedom before Britishers, and even when Brahmins were free the Shudras and Ati-Sudras (SCs, STs, OBCs, NT, DNT, and VJNT etc) were slaves of the Brahmins. Britishers did not make SCs, STs and OBCs their slaves as they were already slaves of Brahmins before Brahmins came. When Britishers entered India, they first made Brahmins their slaves and when Brahmins became slaves of Britishers all these Shudras and Ati-Sudras (SCs, STs, OBCs, NT, DNT, and VJNT etc) became double slaves. Brahmins became slaves of Britishers and Shudras and Ati-Sudras were slaves of Brahmins. In this way Shudras and Ati-Sudras (SCs, STs, OBCs, NT, DNT, and VJNT etc) became double slaves.

2. Freedom Movement was the freedom movement of Brahmins and so called upper castes:
In 1885, Brahmins of Bengal came forward and established congress. In the beginning of British rule, Brahmins tried to forge partnership for themselves with British but later when Britishers denied giving them any share, then Brahmins turned congress as a means for freedom movement but they took care of the fact that it doesn’t become the freedom movement of all the people. Just, as an example, we can see that Bal Gangadhar Tilak always tried to keep Brahmins interest over congress. This fact can be proved by the documents available and also after the death of Tilak most of the Brahmins and Banias joined Congress and in this way Congress and Gandhiji tried continuously that not everyone gets constitutional rights. That is why the so freedom movement was only the freedom movement of Brahmins and the upper castes.

3. The freedom movement was not the movement of freedom of all people:
Rashtrapita Mahatma Jyotirao Phule did not consider the movement of Congress to be the movement of freedom of all people. Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj did not consider the movement led by Tilak to be the movement of freedom for all people and even Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar also did not accept that the movement led by Gandhiji as the freedom movement of all people. When Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar argued with Britishers and obtained rights of separate electorates for scheduled castes then to snatch away these rights Gandhiji did fast unto death (Satyagraha) in 1932 and when on 18th, 19th and 20th July Scheduled Caste Federation passed the proposal against Poona Pact, proposal on reservation was forced upon by Congress and to apply these proposals on behalf of SC, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was made labour minister as part of the cabinet ministers of viceroy’s council. During those prevailing scenarios Mulnivasis could have got freedom from Brahmins. To make sure Mulnivasis should not be free and Britishers should not give them more rights, on 9th August 1942, Quit India Movement (“Bharat Chodo Aandolan”) was started against Britishers. In reality, Quit India Movement (“Bharat Chodo Aandolan”) was the movement started by Gandhi and Congress to make sure Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar should not get any rights for Mulnivasis.

In the elections of Sanvidhan Sabah, Congress did not give any representation to OBCs and because of this Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had to fight for OBC representation in Sanvidhan Sabah. In spite of this, Gandhiji and Congress denied reservations to OBCs like SCs/STs. The success of the conspiracy of attaching the creamy layer with OBC of the Brahmins has its roots in the Sanvidhan Sabah. The way in which Poona Pact was applied on SC in Free India, in the similar way, Poona Pact was dumped on STs and to do this a conspiracy of dividing India was made in which Gandhi and other congress leaders were involved. By dumping Poona Pact on SCs and STs, congress succeeded in making the representatives of SCs and STs as their slaves. They succeeded is making representatives of OBCs and minorities also as slaves in an indirect way by imposing Poona Pact. By this it is proved that Freedom movement was not the movement of freedom of all people. By making the representatives of Mulnivasis as slaves they also managed to keep mulnivasis as slaves. This proves that even for the people of India this was not the freedom movement of all people.

4. The creation of system of agents and stooges:
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar use to say that Poona Pact has created system of stooges and agents. The congress and ruling castes created the stooges and agents only amongst SCs, STs and OBCs and with them they managed to create a system of agents and stooges. This system of agents and stooges has killed the representative form of governance. By killing the representative form of governance they managed to kill the democracy and replaced it with brahmanocracy. Because of the successful conspiracy of the Brahmins, the system of agents and stooges got established in India.

5. In Free India, Mulnivasis are slaves:
By applying Poona Pact, the representatives of Mulnivasis were made slaves and by making Mulnivasi representatives slaves, the Mulnivasis were also made slaves. In this way, in Free India, Mulnivasi bahujans are kept in slavery.

6. Two big problems of Free India:
The first biggest problem of Free India is creation of system of agents and stooges and the second biggest problem is the slavery of mulnivasis in this democratic India. To end the slavery of mulnivasis it is very necessary to end the system of agents and stooges from Free India. It means that Mulnivasis needs the power of real representatives and needs freedom from their slavery.

7. Who wants freedom? Mulnivasis wants!:
On 15th August, 1947 Britishers left India but Brahmins became the rulers of India. Foreigners named “Britishers” left India and Eurasian foreigners named “Brahmins” became the rulers. They spread the wrong message that India got freedom but people of India are not free, mulnivasis are not free, and hence even today, mulnivasis need their freedom.

8. Who are Mulnivasis?:
On May 21st, 2001 Times of India published a report. According to that report SC, ST, OBC, NT, DNT, VJNT and converted minorities like Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists are all mulnivasis of India. This fact is proved on the basis of DNA research. DNA is present in every individual’s body and it gets transferred from one generation to other generation hereditarily. Like this by DNA, it can be surely proved that SC, ST, OBC, NT, DNT, VJNT and converted minorities like Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists are all mulnivasis of India.

9. Eurasian Brahmins are foreigners:
On the basis of report published in Times of India on May 21st, 2001 by bio technology department head Professor Michael Bamshad of University of Utah, Brahmins are not mulnivasis of India. They are foreigners who migrated from Eurasia. Eurasia is Small Island near black sea of Russia. This fact was even proven by Dr. Jai Dixit, who is a Brahmin from Pune (Maharashtra) and a citizen of United States of America. The above facts prove beyond doubt that Brahmins of India are Eurasians and foreigners.

10. Arya Samaj is not Arya Samaj but Eurasian Samaj – a Foreign Samaj:
In India, Brahmins were considered as Aryans and that is why Dayanand Saraswati formed Arya Samaj. Many of the mulnivasis used to call Brahmins as Aryans. But after 21st May 2001, this Aryan theory has been proved wrong on the basis of DNA. This fact has been proved in DNA investigation lab and so there is no reason to reject it. Keeping this in mind, in today’s date, we cannot call Brahmins as Aryans. According to DNA report Brahmins are Eurasian people. Hence after this DNA research, Brahmins should be called as Eurasians. By this revelation, Arya Samaj is not Arya Samaj but Eurasian Samaj.

11. Is Mulnivasi a Hindu?:
When Eurasian Brahmins entered India, they managed to defeat the mulnivasis of India and made these SC, ST, OBC, NT, DNT, VJNT mulnivasis slaves and called them Das, Rakshas etc. After making them slaves they imposed Varna system and called them Shudras. Some of them who raised voice against them were branded as Untouchables. Some of the mulnivasis, who were forced to live in jungles out of no choice, were termed as scheduled/criminal tribes. They were forced to commit crimes to take care of their daily needs. All these were the direct result of Eurasian Brahminical system. The system which was forced upon us cannot be our system or our culture. The system which keeps the Mulnivasis away from their rights, how can it be their system. All SC, ST, OBC, NT, DNT, VJNT and converted religious minorities come under Mulnivasis. How can this system be ours? The religion which calls us Das, Dasu, Anarya etc and which keeps us away from our rights, which does not provide us self respect and dignity, how can it be our religion? This proves that the all SC, ST, OBC, NT, DNT, VJNT and converted religious minority mulnivasis cannot be part of Hindu religion or Hindu Samaj.

12. Is Mulnivasi really a Slave?:
When do we call a person or community as slave is a very important question? Whenever a person or a community is defeated then the one who wins makes the other slave. But the defeated people, from time to time, rebel against the slavery as per their strength. In the beginning these people revolt but slowly as the time passes these people forget their history and forget their culture and identity. The moment the identity is forgotten and own history is forgotten, self respect is lost and slowly they forget that they are slaves. When slaves lose their own identity then they start to follow and imitate the conqueror. Once this imitation starts then the defeated peoples existence comes to an end. They lose their main identity and start following the rituals and customs of the conqueror and by doing so they also start wiping out their own history. From this point, slaves stops realizing about their slavery. From this moment the slave stops realizing about his slavery, any caste or group created actually becomes slave. According to logic explained above, mulnivasis are in reality slaves. Besides India, there were slaves made in other countries also, but they are never deprived of education. But in India, education was banned for these slaves, which not only made mulnivasis slaves of Eurasian Brahmins but Pucca (physical and also mental) slaves. We are calling Mulnivasi a “Pucca” slave because he started feeling proud and respected about his slavery. Mulnivasis started enjoying their slavery. They not only follow the rituals, dharma, traditions and systems forces upon by our victors, meaning the Eurasian Brahmins, but also respect and feel proud about following it. The slogan given by Eurasian Brahmins “Garv se kaho hum Hindu Hai” is widely accepted and followed by our mulnivasis. This in itself is ample proof that our people are respecting and feeling proud of their slavery. That is why it is very important to free mulnivasis. Who made mulnivasis slaves? It is now very open that Varna Vyavastha, Caste system and Untouchability are biggest weapons of Eurasian Brahmins. By using these weapons the Eurasian Brahmins defeated mulnivasis and used various cunning tactics to enslave mulnivasis. This is why, Eurasians Brahmins are the people who enslaved mulnivasis. The people who do not have ideology, who cannot identify their enemies well, who cannot recognize their friends, who do not understand their history well, who do not have ways and means to change the system, who do not have the strength and strategy to bring the necessary change in the system, who do not have knowledge to use their strength, those people cannot be called educated or aware. Those people who are educated will keep thinking that the uneducated/ignorant people are their property and start considered them as their own property. Eurasian Brahmins did the same and are doing the same. That is why, Eurasian Brahmins are enemies of Mulnivasis.

13. Hindu Rashtra – The invasion of Eurasian Brahmins on Bharat nation and nationality:
Now-a-days, the Eurasian Brahmins are running a campaign to convert the Bharat nation of Mulnivasis to Hindu nation. The campaign for Hindu Rashtra is not just a movement to change the name of Bharat to Hindustan but also to end the dhamma, systems, customs, language, history, day to day living chores and traditions upon which even today the influence of our Mulnivasi forefathers is seen. That is a movement to kill the Mulnivasi identity and spirit.

In ancient India, people use to live in small hamlets. These small hamlets got developed into large Ganas. In these Ganas, there used to be Gana called “Bharat”. Amongst all the Ganas during those times, Bharat was the most prominent and most advanced. Because of that Gana, even today our country is known as Bharat. This is not related to name of any single individual. That is why this name “Bharat” is directly linked to the pride and self respect of mulnivasis. The very existence of Mulnivasi traditions and identity in linked with this. The rich traditions and dignity of mulnivasis feelings is linked to this.

Most importantly, that great history and traditions are linked, replacing which a Hindu Rashtra creation is in progress by the Eurasian Brahmins. Eurasian Brahmins want to wipe out the Mulnivasi history forever. That is why the creation of Hindu Rashtra is not just a conspiracy to change the name but a deep strategy of Eurasian Brahmins to erase the Mulnivasi culture and identity. This is the biggest attack on all states of India. Hence we need to stop this attack at any cost. After the destruction of Indus valley civilization, this is the second biggest attack undertaken by Eurasian Brahmins on mulnivasis. This attack has the potential to wipe out completely the identity, history and very existence of mulnivasis and their rich culture and traditions. It is first and foremost duty of all mulnivasis to stop this attack.

14. Eurasian Brahmins are the only ruling castes of India?:
From the day India got independence, the Eurasian Brahmins have very clearly taken control over all fields & systems. Today, we can see that Eurasian Brahmins are dominating in all fields. Eurasian Brahmins are making all decisions and has been become sole decision maker. It is a different matter that for this, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas are supporting Eurasian Brahmins and have come out as supporting ruling castes. This is also the result of Eurasian Brahmins planning. That is why, we can see that the decision making power affecting each and every person and village is in the hands of Eurasian Brahmins. Hence, even tough, other castes may be dominant in some places but still the key decision making power is with Eurasian Brahmins, which is clearly visible.

This country’s indigenous people, who are referred as SC, ST, OBC, NT, DNT, VJNT and converted religious minorities, who are divided into approx. 6000 castes, also known as oppressed castes, do not have any decision making power and are always kept away from it. Population wise they are 85% but still they do not have any decision making power, in spite of India being largest democracy. There influence in decision making is negligible. In fact, Brahmanwaad, Brahmanism and Brahmin ideology has been constantly forced upon these masses. That is why, Mulnivasi Bahujan Samaj has remained oppressed.

15. Religious Minorities are also sufferers of Brahmanwaad?:
The majority of religious minorities are converts from SC, ST, OBC, NT, DNT, and VJNT. Amongst them, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Christians and Muslims are prominent. As these people are converted mulnivasis, genetically also they are very different from Eurasian Brahmins. Eurasian Brahmins are very well aware of this fact. That is why, Eurasian Brahmins want to take care control of them too. The riots in the country, creation of feeling of insecurity, treats on life and properties of Minorities, unfair treatment in employment to their youth are all symptoms but the root cause of the problem is Brahmanism. This is why the thinking of some of the Muslim Mulnivasi brothers that they are not affected by Brahmanism is wrong. Brahmanism created 2 lists. One is “Hate List” and the other is “Hit List”. SC, ST, OBC, NT, DNT, and VJNT are in the “Hate List” of Eurasian Brahmins but converted religious minorities are maintained both in “Hate List” and “Hit List”. Hence, the Brahmanwaad of Eurasian Brahmins is the biggest problem of converted religious minorities of India.

16. Second Quit India Movement?:
It is told that India has got Independence but even in Free India, mulnivasis are slaves and helpless people even today.

Freedom of the country and freedom of the people of the country are two different things. Freedom of the people of the country is related to social, economic, political and spiritual systems but freedom of the country is related to geographical issues. Eurasian Brahmins have not only made us slaves geographically, like Britishers did, but also have made us salves socially, economically, politically and spiritually. That is why freedom does not mean just geographic freedom but also social, economic, political and spiritual freedom. Only this freedom in true sense can be called as freedom of mulnivasis and this freedom will also drive away the Eurasian Brahmins. The driving away of Eurasian Brahmins will depend upon their behavior. If they continue with their aggressive & oppressive attitude then to bring an end to it, just like Britishers, Eurasian Brahmins will also be made to leave the country.

17. Where are Eurasian Brahmins not there?:
Eurasian Brahmins are visible here, there, everywhere. Brahmins themselves claim that they are everywhere. In spite of that, mulnivasis do not realize it. The Eurasian Brahmins know about this very much. But Mulnivasis are not able to recognize this. In congress, Eurasian Brahmins can be seen a lot at leadership level. From Tilak to Narasimha Rao, history is ample proof of this. Communists’ case is also same. From Dange to Rajeshwar Rao, Joshi to Nambodripad, the communists’ leadership is full of Eurasian Brahmins. The scene of Communal parties is also same. Shiv Sana’s Manohar Joshi to BJP’s Murli Manohar Joshi, Atal Vajpayee to Sangh’s Hedgewar to Mohan Bhagavat, Dr. Munjhe to Savarkar are all historical proofs of this fact. Eurasian Brahmins are visible here, there, everywhere. The manifesto of their party talks about well being of mulnivasis but that is because of their helplessness and compulsion to get votes created due to adult franchise (One Man-One Vote, One Vote-One Value). But when it comes to action, all these parties do only those things which are in the interests of Eurasian Brahmins and nothing else. The experience of last 63 years confirms this. Our country is going through a very dynamic phase now. The transition of power from Eurasian Brahmins to mulnivasis is picking momentum. In reality, our country has just now started its journey towards the true independence.

The Eurasian Brahmins are also realizing this fact and so they have given a go to Dunkel, LPG, SEZ etc and are trying hard to once again enslave our country in the hands of foreigners. Eurasian Brahmins feel that it is better to enslave India in the hands of foreigners than to give power of the country in the hands of mulnivasis. This is the truth of Eurasian Brahmin patriotism. Mulnivasis have to be very careful about this.

18. Why are Mulnivasis divided?:
There are primarily two main reasons for the divisions in mulnivasis.

The generation which does not recognize its enemy cannot be educated to fight against that enemy. Until we do not educate our people, we cannot unite them. Hence it is very important to make mulnivasis recognize their enemy. Failure to recognize the enemy is the first reason.

The second reason is people do not get united on their own. Efforts need to be made to unite people. To unite people, we need leaders. Mulnivasis does not have leadership and the one that is there are busy serving as agents and pimps of Eurasian Brahmins. On the other hand, we have several Mulnivasi organizations which are run by few unemployed youth from ages. They have turned the movement of Phule-Ambedkar into an employment generation scheme and have only objective to feed themselves and nothing else.

19. Revolution cannot come Free?:
We, the indigenous people of this country (Mulnivasis), have lost our dignity and self-respect. We lost our pride and identity. Once upon a time, we use to be rulers and kings but now in our own country we are not treated even as citizens of the country.

In this prevailing scenario, we, the indigenous people of this country (Mulnivasis), want to bring fundamental change in our country and regain our lost pride and self-respect. This change is not possible without paying a price for it. If we want to become rulers again in our own country then we should be ready to give great sacrifices and show dedication. Freedom cannot be won by violence but with great sacrifice and commitment. We will not get it for free. Mulnivasis have to be committed and should be prepared to give sacrifices. Only then this is possible.

20. Creation of Students, Youth, Women and Advocates Sangh?:
As per the current analysis, we have started Students, Youth, Women and Advocates Mulnivasi Sangh. As time passes and depending on further needs and strategies, these organizations will be diversified into other organizations. That is why the Mulnivasi Students, Youth, Women and Advocates need to come in large numbers to take this mission forward.

21. Objective of Rashtriya Mulnivasi Sangh?:
For the freedom of the mulnivasis and their motherland, Rashtriya Mulnivasi Sangh has two objectives.

  • 1. To develop brotherhood amongst approx. 6000 castes of mulnivasis and organize them to create a single organization of them all
  • 2. To fight for the change of the system (Vyavastha Parivartan). To change the system which was created by Eurasian Brahmins to enslave and rule mulnivasis.

22. Sangh will be non-violent?:
Rashtriya Mulnivasi Sangh believes that the mulnivasis will have to fight for their freedom in a non-violent manner. Rashtriya Mulnivasi Sangh does not believe in violence. Mulnivasis are historically by nature non-violent. That is why we will fight for our freedom only by non-violent ways and means. In this world, freedom is never achieved by elections. Elections can only help. But only with elections, we can never expect to get our freedom. Those on whom fake freedom has been deliberately forced upon, they cannot expect to get freedom by begging. For getting our freedom we will have to create our own national level organization, a nationwide movement and nationwide people’s movement. Those who believe in people’s movement don’t feel the need of violence.